About Coffee Mountain 有關咖啡仙峰

Everything starts from a nice coffee
a perfect cup to start the day, and to end the day with


Above and beyond a “culture”, coffee has risen to a form of contemporary art. By bringing you coffee experts from around the world, you will be lead on a journey to discovering your perfect cup.


由飲料及至文化,咖啡儼然正提昇為現代藝術的象徵。 我們為您帶來世界最好的咖啡專家,引領您在咖啡世界探索您的至愛。




Coffee 2.0 – our definition of the next culture
咖啡 2.0 – 我們對咖啡文化的新定義


Consumer-oriented 消費者導向


Taking away all unnecessary awards and legend, we focus on giving out what the customers really enjoy.




Education 教育


Deliver correct knowledge about coffee in the most easily understandable way. Including history, science, lifestyle and fun.




DIY 自家製作


The best taste for yourself always comes with your personal participation. We will provide you the simplest tools and method to kick start, getting you ready for the next level.




Pairing 美食搭配


Bring your own favorite coffee to life by its best couple which suits your taste profile and style. Your taste bud will tell you what is best for you.




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